NA Meetings in the Philippines

NA Meetings in the Philippines

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a global organisation that provides vital support to individuals struggling with drug addiction. In the Philippines, NA meetings play a crucial role in helping those seeking recovery by fostering a sense of community and offering practical tools for drug-free living.

Founded in 1953 in the United States and inspired by the success of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous follows the 12 Step of recovery. This program emphasises mutual support and personal responsibility, with its primary purpose being to help members stay clean and assist others in achieving sobriety.

In the Philippines, NA meetings typically feature members sharing their personal recovery stories from addiction. These meetings are designed to create a supportive environment where individuals feel understood and can seek guidance without fear of judgement. Within this nurturing community, participants find understanding, direction, and motivation to help with their personal growth.

With a significant global presence, NA holds  72,000 meetings weekly in over 140 countries. In the Philippines, NA meetings are tailored to meet the needs of the local population, offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals from all walks of life. Whether in Manila, or in other cities, these meetings are a beacon of hope for many individuals on their journey to recovery.

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Impact of NA Meetings on Recovery

New Way of Living: NA meetings serve as a platform for individuals to build a new life liberated from addiction. The principles and skills acquired, such as self-reflection, honesty, and accountability, extend beyond recovery, influencing relationships, career, and personal development.

Confronting Stigma: Participation in NA meetings help overcome the stigma surrounding addiction. By connecting with empathetic peers who comprehend their struggles, individuals experience a heightened sense of belonging and reduced judgement. This validation is pivotal in nurturing self-worth and sustaining long lasting recovery.

Support and Responsibility: A core advantage of NA meetings lies in the robust support system they provide. Members are encouraged to share their experiences, challenges, and achievements, fostering a community of mutual support and accountability. This nurturing atmosphere decreases feelings of isolation and boots motivation to remain abstinent.

Embracing the 12 Step Program: Integral to NA, the 12 Step program provides a structured roadmap for recovery. These steps facilitate introspection, acceptance, and personal development. By diligently working the steps, individuals confront their addiction, make amends, and cultivate healthier lifestyles.

Sponsorship and Support: In addition to group dynamics, NA encourages sponsorship, where an experienced member offers mentorship and assistance to newcomers. Sponsors play a critical role in navigating individuals through the initial challenges of recovery and fostering dedication to the program.

Format and Structure of NA Meetings

Meetings in the Philippines typically adhere to a structured format aimed at fostering a supportive environment for all attendees. While the specifics may vary, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in the Philippines shares similarities with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), placing emphasis on confidentiality and non-judgmental support.

Common meeting types include:

Open Meetings: These meetings welcome anyone interested in learning more about addiction and recovery. Open NA meetings provide a safe space for individuals to explore NA principles, share personal experiences, and connect with others on the journey to recovery.

Closed Meetings: Reserved for individuals who self-identify as addicts or suspect they may be grappling with addiction, closed NA meetings offer solidarity and understanding among participants. By restricting attendance to those dealing with addiction, these meetings cultivate a supportive environment for sharing and healing.

Speaker Meetings: These sessions feature individuals such as those successful in recovery, or motivational speakers who share their experiences to inspire attendees. Speaker NA meetings may be open, closed, or restricted based on demographics, offering hope and motivation to those on the path to sobriety.

Discussion Meetings: Participants in these meetings get the opportunity to express themselves and share insights, often within a brief timeframe. Discussions may revolve around specific topics or readings, providing a platform for individuals to voice their thoughts, concerns, and successes while fostering community and mutual support.

Specific Meetings: These types of meetings are designed to cater to the unique needs of different groups, such as women, newcomers, individuals from the LGBTQI community, and those from diverse spiritual backgrounds. These specialised sessions create a supportive environment where participants can openly discuss issues relevant to their lives and recovery journey.

Locating NA Meetings Across the Philippines

Local Meetings: Whether you are visiting or a resident of the Philippines, NA meetings are widely available and the list can be accessed by visiting the NA Filipinas website

For more information about NA meetings held in the Philippines, please contact the below numbers based on your area:

Luzon Area: +63 942-8225562

Visayas Area: +63 918 7272727

Mindanao Area: +63 919 5112255

Additional Resources

International Meetings: Additionally, the Narcotics Anonymous Official Website offers a search feature that can assist in  locating meetings worldwide, including in the Philippines. By using the interactive map or entering specific cities within the Philippines, you can find information about local NA meetings and contact details for regional and area service committees. 

Online Meetings: A wide variety of online Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings can be accessed from the Philippines through The meetings are organised by language and day of the week, offering an opportunity for remote individuals to join from anywhere in the world. Meeting times are displayed based on the local time of your device.

In summary, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings in the Philippines provide a vital lifeline for individuals battling drug addiction, offering a supportive community, practical tools for recovery, and a structured program for personal growth. These meetings that are tailored to meet the diverse needs of participants serve as beacons of hope, confront stigma, foster accountability, and provide a roadmap to a drug-free life. Through various meeting formats and accessible online options, NA extends its reach across the Philippines, offering support and guidance to all seeking a path to sobriety and a new way of living.

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