NA Meetings in Bali

NA Meetings in Bali

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Bali offers a unique fellowship that plays a crucial role in the recovery journey of individuals battling drug addiction. Open to everyone, regardless of background or identity, NA in Bali is part of a global network focused on overcoming addiction through mutual support and complete abstinence from all drugs.

NA’s presence in Bali is characterized by its accessibility and diversity, reflecting the island’s unique cultural and geographic landscape. With at least 4 meetings per day held across various locations in Bali, the NA community provides a nurturing environment for sharing experiences and offering support.

In Bali, Narcotics Anonymous meetings revolve around members sharing their personal journeys of recovery from addiction. These meetings are created to nurture a supportive environment where individuals can freely express themselves and seek guidance without the fear of judgement. Within this compassionate community, participants find solace, direction, and motivation as they embark on their paths of continuous personal development.

Based on our insights and feedback from clients, we’ve observed that regular attendance at NA meetings can serve as a cornerstone for maintaining sobriety. It not only facilitates continuous self-growth and development but also fosters a deep spiritual connection.

Disclaimer: is an independent entity with no direct affiliation to Narcotics Anonymous or any other 12 step organisation. Our mission is to inform and guide those who are battling alcoholism or problematic drinking by providing free pre-rehab support and additional resources for those seeking abstinence and long-term sobriety. If representatives from NA World Services have any enquiries or need to discuss our content, we welcome open communication and are committed to upholding NA’s traditions.

What Makes NA in Bali Such a Strong Fellowship

Wide Availability of Meetings: NA meetings are spread throughout Bali, ensuring easy access for residents and visitors. Whether you’re in the bustling areas or on more remote parts of the island, there’s likely an NA meeting nearby.

Diverse Meeting Formats: Recognizing the varied needs of its members, NA in Bali offers meetings in different languages and formats, including online sessions for those who cannot attend in person.

Supportive and Inclusive Environment: The meetings in Bali provide a space for open sharing and solidarity, helping members gain strength and wisdom from each other’s recovery journeys.

No Cost and Open to All: As with all NA meetings globally, there are no fees to attend, making it an accessible option for anyone seeking help with drug addiction.

Types of NA Meetings

NA meetings in Bali are designed to provide a supportive and confidential environment for individuals seeking recovery from addiction. While each meeting may have slight variations in format, they all adhere to the principles of Narcotics Anonymous (NA), mirroring the traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) with an emphasis on confidentiality and non-judgmental support.

Below are some common types of NA meetings:

Open Meetings: Open meetings are accessible to anyone interested in learning about addiction and recovery. They offer a welcoming space where individuals can understand NA principles, share their experiences, and connect with others on their recovery journey.

Closed Meetings: These meetings are limited to those who identify as addicts or believe they might have a substance abuse problem. By limiting attendance to those directly affected by addiction, closed meetings create a sense of solidarity and understanding, fostering a supportive environment for sharing and healing.

Speaker Meetings: Speaker meetings feature speakers such as recovery professionals, individuals who have successfully navigated their own recovery, or motivational speakers. These meetings can be open, closed, or targeted to specific groups. Listening to stories of overcoming addiction or expert insights can provide hope and motivation, encouraging participants to remain committed to their recovery.

Discussion Meetings: In discussion meetings, participants have the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences, usually within a structured timeframe of five minutes. These meetings may also include readings or group discussions on specific topics. The interactive nature of discussion meetings helps build a sense of community and mutual support, allowing individuals to voice their concerns, insights, and achievements.

Specific Meetings: These meetings are designed for specific groups, including women, newcomers, LGBTQAI+ individuals, and individuals from diverse spiritual backgrounds. These specialised meetings cater to the distinct requirements and perspectives of different demographics, providing a supportive environment where participants can openly discuss issues relevant to their journey of recovery and personal growth.

Accessing NA Meetings in Bali

Finding and attending NA meetings in Bali is straightforward, thanks to the comprehensive resources available:

Multiple Locations

English Speaking NA Meetings are widely available across the majority of the island from Ubud to Seminyak, and from Canggu to the quieter shores, the fellowship of NA in Bali ensures that support is always within reach, regardless of your location.

Multilingual Support

Catering to Bali’s diverse population, meetings are conducted in various languages, including English, Russian, and Bahasa Indonesia, ensuring that language barriers do not impede access to support.

To learn more about NA meetings in Bali and find one that aligns with your preferences, visit the Narcotics Anonymous Bali Website for the most up-to-date information and meeting schedules.

For further information about NA meetings in Bali, you can contact the local NA helpline:

For English: +62 821 4646 0980

For Indonesian: +62 821 4646 0981

For Russian: +62 821 4646 0984


Virtual Meetings:

Acknowledging the difficulties that can be associated with attending face-to-face meetings, NA Bali also offers online meetings to ensure accessible support. Moreover, you have the option to explore a wider array of global virtual NA meetings through These meetings are categorised by language and day of the week, enabling participation from any anywhere in the world. Conveniently, meeting times are displayed according to your device’s local time.

NA Bali Convention 2024

Marking its 21st annual convention, the NA Bali Convention 2024 will take place from June 14th to June 16th at the Puri Saron Hotel in Seminyak, Bali. This global event, organised by Narcotics Anonymous, promises a comprehensive celebration for individuals in recovery, their families, and friends. These conventions are designed to provide support, inspiration, and fellowship to those in recovery and to help reinforce the principles of the NA program. Below are some key aspects and features of NA Conventions:


Networking and Support: Conventions provide an opportunity for members to connect, share their experiences, and create a supportive network. This sense of community and mutual understanding plays a crucial role in the recovery journey.

Meetings and Workshops: A variety of meetings and workshops can be found at NA conventions. These sessions offer inspiration and hope to others, while also covering a variety of topics related to recovery such as coping strategies, relapse prevention, and personal growth.

Fellowship Activities: Social events, entertainment, and activities are designed to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among attendees.

Education and Resources: Panel discussions, literature, and speaker meetings that provide educational opportunities about addiction, recovery, and the NA program.

Inclusivity: Conventions are open to all members of NA, regardless of their length of recovery or specific background, fostering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all.

More information about the event and tickets can be found at the NA Bali Convention website.

Seeking Additional Support? Connect with Our Experts

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