Guiding Your Journey to Recovery Step by Step

Guided 12 Step Rehab Solutions – Personalised Support for Long-Term Sobriety

At 12 Step Rehabs, we specialise in providing personalised support for you and your loved ones to find reputable 12 Step rehabs committed to complete abstinence from addiction.

With over 25 years of continuous sobriety, our experienced team is committed to helping you reclaim your life with a clear path to lasting recovery. While there are various methods for treating addiction, the 12 Step rehab model has stood the test of time as the most effective, evidence-based approach.

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The 12 Steps

Self-Evaluation – Exploring the Decision to Seek Rehab

  • Frequency and Quantity:
  • Loss of Control:
  • Cravings and Preoccupation:
  • Negative Consequences:
  • Withdrawal Symptoms:
  • Loss of Interest:
  • Relationships:
  • Mental Health:
  • Failed Attempts at Quitting:
  • Health and Financial Concerns:
  • Support System:
  • Final Questions
  • Motivation for Change:

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