Guide to NA Meetings in Spain

Guide to NA Meetings in Spain

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings in Spain are tailored to support both recovering people as well as those who are in active addiction. Individuals meet regularly to assist each other in maintaining sobriety, following the guiding principles of the 12 Step Program. The primary objective of NA is for individuals to identify, relate to others, and build a strong support network while maintaining complete abstinence from all mind-altering substances.

Typically, Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Spain involve members sharing their personal experiences of recovering from addiction. The aim is to create a supportive environment where individuals can feel understood and receive guidance without fear of judgement. Within this nurturing community, individuals can find understanding, direction, and motivation as they navigate personal growth.

In our experience, we have found that attending NA meetings regularly can help build a solid foundation and increase the chance of maintaining one’s sobriety, continued growth, self-development, and, most importantly, a spiritual connection. Through the essence of therapeutic healing that resides in individuals lending a helping hand to one another, and the feeling of fellowship and connection formed in these groups, the negative emotions that come with active addiction get replaced with feelings of hope, purpose, joy, and gratitude for the newfound lifestyles in the rooms.

Disclaimer: is an independent entity with no direct affiliation to Narcotics Anonymous or any other 12 step organisation. Our mission is to inform and guide those who are battling alcoholism or problematic drinking by providing free pre-rehab support and additional resources for those seeking abstinence and long-term sobriety. If representatives from NA World Services have any enquiries or need to discuss our content, we welcome open communication and are committed to upholding NA’s traditions.

40 Years of NA in Spain

Since its establishment in Barcelona in 1984, Narcotics Anonymous has celebrated four decades in the Spanish region of providing support, guidance, and community to individuals struggling with addiction. This demonstrates the impact it has had on countless individuals and communities across Spain, as well as the vital role it plays in helping them overcome substance abuse and rebuild their lives.

To cater to both locals and expatriates, NA meetings in Spain are conducted in Spanish and English, open to all without any fees. Individuals struggling with any form of substance abuse are welcome to attend. People of all genders, belief systems and backgrounds are also welcome with open arms. The only requirement of attendance is a desire to stop using.

The availability of NA meetings can vary depending on a town’s population, community demand, and local resources. You can likely find NA meetings in many Spanish regions, but the exact availability and frequency may vary. It’s always best to check with local resources or the official NA Website for specific information on meetings in a particular area.

Types of NA Meetings

NA meetings in Spain classically follow a structured format that aims to provide a supportive environment for everybody. While specific formats can vary slightly from one meeting to another, Narcotics Anonymous closely mirrors its predecessor, AA, which emphasises confidentiality and non-judgmental support in its meetings.

The most common meetings types include:

Open Meetings: Open NA meetings welcome anyone interested in discovering more about addiction and recovery. These meetings provide a safe space for individuals to learn about NA principles, share their experiences, and connect with others who are on the path to recovery.

Closed Meetings: NA closed meetings cater to individuals who self-identify as addicts or those who are uncertain but suspect they might be grappling with a drug-related issue. By limiting attendance to individuals struggling with addiction, closed meetings offer a sense of solidarity and understanding among participants, fostering a supportive environment for sharing and healing.

Speaker Meeting: During a speaker NA meeting, individuals such as professionals, those in successful recovery, or motivational speakers share their experiences, aiming to inspire the attendees. These meetings can be categorised as open, closed, or restricted based on demographics. Hearing from individuals who have overcome addiction or professionals who specialise in addiction recovery can give hope and motivation to attendees, encouraging them to continue their journey toward sobriety.

Discussion Meetings: During a discussion NA meeting, participants have the chance to express themselves and share their insights, typically within a timeframe of under 5 minutes. These meetings may also involve readings or group dialogues centred around specific subjects. Discussion meetings provide a platform for individuals to voice their thoughts, concerns, and successes, encouraging a sense of community and mutual support among attendees.

Specific Meetings: For example, there are meetings exclusively for women, as well as one tailored for newcomers, individuals from the LGBT community, and members of different spiritual backgrounds. These specialised meetings cater to the unique needs and experiences of different groups, providing a supportive environment where individuals can openly discuss issues relevant to their lives and recovery journey.

Where to Find Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Spain

Much like NA’s big brother AA, there are lots of fellowship meetings here in Spain, which can be found in most major cities and towns. These meetings can be segmented into English-speaking and Spanish-speaking meetings, as well as in-person and online-meetings. 

English-Speaking Meetings

English-speaking NA meetings are widely available across Spain, primarily in larger cities and regions with significant international communities. These meetings are designed to accommodate English speakers, including expatriates and travellers. For detailed information on English-speaking meetings near you, visit the Spanish NA website.

Alternatively, you can contact the NA service line in Spain by calling or using WhatsApp at +34 622 776 219. They can provide you with additional information about meetings in your area and answer any questions you may have about the NA program.

Mainland & Coastal Spain

You can find English-speaking NA meetings at various locations across the Mainland and Coastal areas of Spain. They are meetings held regularly in Barcelona, and Madrid, in addition to other primary regions such as Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Alicante, and Granada. These meetings typically cater to expatriate communities, English speakers, and travellers.

Balearic and Canary Islands

Meetings are available in the Balearic Islands, including Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, and Menorca, as well as the Canary Islands. For more further details on these meetings, refer to the same resources listed in the section above.

Spanish Speaking Meetings

Spanish NA meetings exist in various cities across the country, both in person and online. The widespread presence of NA in Spain reflects its global presence as an organisation that provides continuous support for individuals recovering from addiction and substance abuse.

Mainland & Coastal Areas

Given that Spanish is the primary language in Spain, in-person Spanish NA meetings are held regularly in most regions. To find specific information about Spanish NA meetings in your area, including times, locations, and contact details, you can visit the official Narcotics Anonymous Spain Website. There, you will find search tools to help locate meetings based on your location.

Balearic and Canary Islands

Meetings can be found in the Balearic Islands, including Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Menorca, Manacor, Jaen and the Canary Islands. For additional information about meetings held in these areas, please refer to the same resources mentioned in the previous section.

Online Meetings

Multiple virtual Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are available in Spain in both English and Spanish. You can explore local options or even expand your search to include a vast array of worldwide virtual NA meetings listed on The meetings are organised by language and day of the week, providing an opportunity for remote individuals to join from anywhere in the world. Meeting times are displayed based on the local time of your device.

A Comprehensive Recovery Network Across Spain

Spain offers a well-established network of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, ensuring that individuals seeking recovery have access to supportive environments across the country in their own language. From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the serene shores of the Balearic Islands, NA provides a crucial lifeline to those committed to overcoming addiction. This extensive coverage reaffirms Spain’s commitment to fostering recovery communities equipped to support a diverse range of needs and backgrounds. Whether they are travellers, newcomers, or long-term residents, participants can find solace and strength in Spain’s comprehensive network of NA meetings, cementing its role as a key destination for those pursuing a path to sobriety.