AA Meetings in the Philippines

Exploring AA Meetings in the Philippines

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in the Philippines is a part of a global fellowship that offers support to individuals struggling with alcoholism. The program operates on the 12 Steps of Recovery, providing a comprehensive pathway not only for overcoming alcohol addiction but also for supporting each other on the journey toward sobriety while maintaining anonymity.

AA meetings are a fundamental part of this support network, providing a safe and accepting environment where individuals can openly share their struggles and achievements. In the Philippines, AA meetings have become a vital resource for many seeking assistance in overcoming alcoholism.

Founded in the United States in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, AA has since spread worldwide. It reached the Philippines in 1966 and has grown steadily since then. Over the years, AA Philippines has established a strong network of meetings and resources to cater to the various needs of its members.

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AA Meetings Format

AA meetings in the Philippines follow a structure similar to those conducted globally and are typically categorised into open and closed meetings:

Open Meetings: These meetings welcome anyone interested in understanding AA, including friends and family members. Participants at open meetings often share their personal stories of addiction and recovery. Open meetings are particularly beneficial for individuals who may be uncertain about identifying as alcoholics.

Closed Meetings: Reserved for individuals who self-identify as alcoholics, closed meetings offer a more confidential and intimate environment for members to explore their experiences and struggles.

Within these classifications, meetings may vary in format:

Speaker Meetings: During these meetings, an AA member shares their journey of recovery comprehensively, offering inspiration and encouragement to attendees. Speaker meetings can be either open or closed, depending on the group’s preference.

Discussion Meetings: These meetings focus on members sharing their personal stories and insights, typically centred on specific topics or recovery steps. This interactive setup encourages active engagement and peer support, often incorporating AA literature to enrich the dialogue.

Benefits of Attending AA Meetings

The benefits of regular AA meeting attendance are profound, fostering a sense of community, accountability, and personal growth among members. These meetings not only provide practical strategies for managing alcoholism but also promote spiritual and emotional development through shared experiences and mutual support. Key benefits commonly experienced by members include:

Peer Support: Members find valuable support by sharing their personal challenges and listening to others. This mutual exchange fosters a nurturing environment where individuals can learn from one another, building solidarity and promoting lasting recovery.

Accountability: Attending meetings regularly and engaging in discussions helps individuals develop a sense of accountability, both to themselves and to their fellow members.

Personal Growth: The 12 Step program encourages ongoing self-reflection and personal development. As members work through the steps, they confront past behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs that may have contributed to their alcoholism.

Coping Strategies: AA meetings offer a supportive space where members can learn and share effective strategies for managing cravings and avoiding relapse. By hearing the experiences of others, individuals gain valuable insights into coping mechanisms and techniques for handling triggers and temptations.

Locations and Contact Details for Local AA Meetings in the Philippines

Local Meetings
Finding AA meetings in the Philippines is easy for both residents and visitors. English-speaking AA meetings are widely available in various areas, including Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao. Additionally, to ensure maximum support, some meetings are conducted in local languages such as Tagalog and Cebuano. 

Online Meetings
To maximise support, AA Philippines also offers online meetings available on the Alcoholics Anonymous Philippines Website. These virtual meetings ensure continued accessibility and support, regardless of location or circumstances. An additional way to find online meetings is through the Meeting Guide App.

For more information about AA meetings held in the Philippines, you can contact by email at help@philippinesaa.org or by phone, WhatsApp, or text at the numbers below;

Mike: +63 919 920 1461

Carissa: +63 917 621 5967

Daniel: +63 917 599 0101

Engaging with AA and the 12 Steps

Engaging with your local community is vital for your recovery journey. Below are some effective ways to connect with local AA support networks:

Regular Meeting Attendance: Regularly attending meetings helps you build connections with other AA members, share your experiences, listen to their stories, and receive crucial support.

Find a Sponsor: A sponsor is an experienced AA member who serves as a mentor throughout your recovery, offering guidance, encouragement, and practical advice.

Join AA Events: AA hosts various events, including conventions, workshops, and social gatherings. Participating in these activities helps you engage with the AA community and form new relationships.

Volunteer: Volunteering in the AA community allows you to connect with others while contributing to the cause. Opportunities include helping with meetings, events, or other AA-related activities.

Stay Connected: Reach out to fellow AA members for support. Whether through phone calls, texts, or emails, sharing your experiences, seeking advice, or simply chatting can be very beneficial.

Overall, Alcoholics Anonymous in the Philippines continues to be an invaluable resource, offering support to those seeking to reclaim their lives from alcoholism. Whether through physical meetings or virtual platforms, the essence of AA’s mission remains steadfast, providing a supportive, understanding, and anonymous environment for all who seek help. The variety of meeting formats, including open, closed, speaker, and discussion meetings, ensures that there is a supportive space for everyone, whether they are long-time members or newcomers exploring sobriety.

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