NA Meetings in Dubai 

NA Meetings in Dubai 

NA meetings in Dubai are directly affiliated to Narcotics Anonymous which is a global organisation that offers a support network for individuals struggling with drug addiction. NA meetings provide a vital lifeline for those seeking to overcome their addiction and rebuild their lives. 

Narcotics Anonymous was founded in 1953 in Los Angeles, California, as an inspiration by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Its purpose is to help individuals who struggle with addiction find support and maintain sobriety. The organisation follows the 12 Steps of Recovery, emphasising  personal growth and mutual support.

The expansion of NA to Dubai is part of the organisation’s broader mission to reach individuals worldwide, offering  72,000 meetings weekly in over 140 countries. Given Dubai’s cosmopolitan nature and diverse population, the city has become a hub for expatriates and locals seeking recovery. NA meetings in Dubai cater to a wide range of nationalities, languages, and cultures, making them accessible to many.

Disclaimer: is an independent entity with no direct affiliation to Narcotics Anonymous or any other 12 step organisation. Our mission is to inform and guide those who are battling alcoholism or problematic drinking by providing free pre-rehab support and additional resources for those seeking abstinence and long-term sobriety. If representatives from NA World Services have any enquiries or need to discuss our content, we welcome open communication and are committed to upholding NA’s traditions.

NA Meetings in Dubai

Types of NA Meetings in Dubai 

Open Meetings: Typically, open meetings welcome anyone interested in learning about NA, including friends and family who want to support a loved one. Open NA meetings offer a safe environment for individuals to explore NA principles, share experiences, and connect with others on the path to recovery.

Closed Meetings: These meetings are reserved for individuals who identify as addicts or those who suspect they may have a problem with substance abuse. This setting provides a more intimate and confidential atmosphere by restricting attendance to those directly dealing with addiction.

Within these two categories, the meeting format may vary:

Discussion Meetings: Participants in these meetings have the opportunity to express themselves and share insights, often within a brief timeframe of 5 minutes. Discussions may focus on specific topics or readings, allowing individuals to voice their thoughts, concerns, and successes while fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

Speaker Meetings: Such sessions include individuals who have found success in recovery or motivational speakers who share their experiences to inspire attendees. Speaker NA meetings can be open, closed, or restricted based on demographics, providing hope and motivation to those on their journey to sobriety.

Specialised Meetings: These meetings are tailored to meet the unique needs of different groups, such as women, newcomers, individuals from the LGBTQI community, and those from various spiritual backgrounds. Such specialised sessions provide a supportive environment where participants can openly discuss issues relevant to their lives and recovery journey.

Benefits of NA Meetings on Recovery

Peer Support: One of the most significant advantages of NA is the sense of community and peer support it offers. Participants connect with others who have similar experiences, reducing feelings of isolation.

Coping Strategies: Meetings provide practical advice and strategies for managing cravings, avoiding triggers, and navigating the challenges of daily life without drugs.

Emotional Support: Sharing personal stories and listening to others can be therapeutic, offering emotional relief and fostering resilience.

Personal Growth: The 12 Steps not only address alcoholism but also foster personal growth and development. Members gain valuable life skills such as accountability, self-reflection, and mindfulness, all of which contribute to their overall well-being

Reduced Stigma: NA meetings are essential in reducing the stigma associated with addiction. Through open discussions and promoting understanding, these meetings help create a more compassionate and supportive community.

Accessing NA Meetings in Dubai

In-person Meetings

NA meetings in Dubai are held in various locations across the city and can be easily accessed. Given Dubai’s multicultural population, NA meetings are often conducted in multiple languages, including Arabic, English, Russian, and Persian. This diverse approach ensures maximum comfort for everyone.

A wide variety of  NA meetings can be found in Dubai on the Narcotics Anonymous UAE Website. The meetings are organised by language, day of the week, and local time zone.

Online Meetings

In addition to in-person meetings, worldwide online NA meetings can be accessed from Dubai through Meetings are organised by language and day of the week, offering flexibility and accessibility for those unable to attend in person. Meeting times are displayed according to your device’s local time zone.

If you or a loved one may have a problem with substance abuse and would like to get in touch with an NA member in Dubai with strict confidentiality and anonymity, please use the helplines below:

For Men: +971 501310055

For Women: +971 506002169

Challenges and Considerations

While NA meetings in Dubai offer substantial benefits, there are also challenges and considerations to keep in mind:

Stigma: Despite progress, there is still a stigma associated with addiction in many cultures. Overcoming this stigma and encouraging participation in NA meetings can be challenging.

Legal Concerns: Clear communication about the protections available to participants is essential. Collaborating with legal authorities to ensure the confidentiality and safety of NA meetings can eliminate concerns about legal repercussions.

Cultural Sensitivity: Dubai’s diverse population means that meetings must be culturally sensitive and inclusive, respecting various beliefs and practices. Increasing cultural awareness and sensitivity within NA groups can help break down barriers and encourage more individuals to seek help.

Overall, NA meetings in Dubai play a vital role in supporting individuals on their journey to recovery from addiction. By providing a safe, non-judgmental environment, these meetings foster a sense of community and accountability that is essential for overcoming addiction. With ongoing efforts to improve accessibility and reduce stigma, NA meetings will continue to be a beacon of hope for those in need in Dubai’s vibrant and diverse society.

NA Meetings in Dubai


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