Guide to AA Meetings in Spain

Guide to AA Meetings in Spain

AA meetings in Spain offer a supportive network for individuals grappling with alcoholism. Since its introduction to the country in 1951, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been instrumental in fostering communities where members share their experiences and support each other towards sobriety. The first group was established in Madrid, and since then, AA has grown significantly and now can be found in all major cities and towns.

Meetings are conducted in both Spanish and English languages, catering to both locals and expatriates. These meetings are open to anyone with a desire to overcome alcohol addiction, providing a platform for shared experiences, mutual aid, and personal accountability. Emphasising complete abstinence, the meetings operate under the guidance of the 12 Steps program, a set of principles that aid in recovery from alcoholism.

This article will detail the various types of AA meetings available and outline where to find them throughout the country, ensuring that those seeking help can make informed decisions to support their recovery journey.

Disclaimer: is an independent entity with no direct affiliation to Alcoholics Anonymous or any other 12 step organisation. Our mission is to inform and guide those who are battling alcoholism or problematic drinking by providing free pre-rehab support and additional resources for those seeking abstinence and long-term sobriety. If representatives from AA World Services have any enquiries or need to discuss our content, we welcome open communication and are committed to upholding AA’s traditions.

Types of AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous follows a non-judgmental and confidential approach in its meetings. The nature of the discussions within meetings, the literature read, and even the meeting attendees can vary quite a bit. We’ve found that these variations can enhance the overall experience of going to AA meetings. Below is an insight into different types of AA meetings:

Open Meetings: Open to anyone interested in learning about alcoholism and recovery. These meetings are ideal for individuals who are uncertain about identifying as an alcoholic or simply seeking to understand more about AA principles and recovery experiences. 

Closed Meetings: Limited to individuals who identify as alcoholics. This exclusivity helps create a more intimate environment where members can share freely and support each other. 

Speaker Meetings: Typically, these involve an individual sharing a detailed explanation of their recovery journey, offering inspiration and hope to other members. Depending on the group’s preference, these meetings can be open or closed. 

Discussion Meetings: Members discuss their experiences and insights, often centred around a specific topic or step in the recovery process. This format encourages active participation and peer support, and often utilises literature associated with the fellowship of AA – of which there is a rich and varied amount.

Where to Find AA Meetings in Spain

Since AA started in Spain, the fellowship has blossomed into a thriving network of meetings both in English and Spanish. You will find meetings in either of these languages in any major city or coastal town.

In addition to this there is an ever growing availability of online meetings available to those looking to log onto a meeting at any time of the day or night. Of course this has become much more pronounced in the last 4 years.


Online Resources and Directories

You can find English-speaking AA meetings by visiting the website organised by province. Access the AA Meeting List Here and feel free to reach out by email for further details about both online and in-person meetings.

For Spanish-speaking meetings, visit Spain’s Official AA Website and select the province you are interested in. Additionally, you can contact local resources listed on various AA platforms for further assistance. 

Major Cities


English-speaking AA Meetings: Available both online and in person in Madrid. Additionally, the website provides contact details of AA members.

Spanish-speaking AA meetings: In addition to English meetings, both online and in-person Spanish-speaking AA meetings can be found in Madrid.


Spanish-Speaking AA meetings:  There are many AA meetings in Spanish available in Barcelona, both virtually and in person, alongside contact information for each one listed.

English-Speaking AA Meetings: In Barcelona, you can find AA meetings in English both online and face-to-face. The website includes contact information where you can text, call, WhatsApp, or email. 


English-Speaking AA Meetings:  Valencia hosts numerous AA meetings in English, available both online and in person. Detailed contact information for each meeting is provided on the website. Meetings are also available in German and Scandinavian. 

Spanish-Speaking AA Meetings: Several AA meetings are also conducted in Spanish in Valencia to provide support for locals and  Spanish-speaking individuals seeking assistance with alcohol addiction.


English-Speaking AA Meetings:  In Seville, there are many AA meetings conducted in English, catering to the expatriate community and English-speaking individuals looking for support with alcohol addiction/abuse. The website includes contact details of group members for further support. 

Spanish-Speaking AA Meetings: Mostly accessible face-to-face. Those who are interested in online meetings can maybe consider meetings in other regions that conduct virtual meetings. 


Coastal Areas & The Balearic Islands
English-speaking AA meetings are available in coastal regions such as the Costa del Sol, Andalusia, and Costa Blanca, which are popular with expatriates. 

In Costa del Sol, AA meetings are held daily with friendly people who understand. Attendance is free, and anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol is welcome. 

You can call the AA English-speaking helpline for support at +34 600 379 110 in Spain, located on the Costa del Sol.

In the Costa Blanca region, meetings are held in Alicante, Benissa, Benidorm, Calpe, Denia, and Javea.

Additionally, expats and English-speaking individuals can access meetings in the Balearic Islands, such as Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca, which are also popular with expatriates. These meetings are free to attend and open to anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol. 

If you think you or a loved one may have a problem with alcohol and would like to get in touch with an English-speaking AA member in any of these regions, you can contact them through the provided contacts, which are strictly confidential. Every effort is made to ensure maintaining your anonymity and their own.


Rural and Inland Regions

Finding AA meetings in less populous areas in Spain can be a bit challenging, but there are resources available to help you. One way is to use the AA Meeting Finder or the Meeting Guide App and search for your preferred location. Additionally, you can check the website of Alcoholics Anonymous Spain which provides a list of in-person and online meetings, including those in less populous areas. The website is available in English, and you can filter the meetings by province.

Learning More About AA and the 12 Steps

Connecting with local communities for support is crucial in the recovery process. Here are some tips to help you connect with local communities:

Attend meetings regularly: Attending meetings regularly will help you build relationships with other members of the AA community. This allows you to share your experiences, listen to others, and receive support.

Get a sponsor: A sponsor is a member of AA who has experience with the program and can guide you through the recovery process while providing support, encouragement, and guidance.

Participate in AA events: AA organises various events, such as conventions, workshops, and social gatherings. Participating in these events can help you connect with other members of the AA community and build relationships.

Volunteer: Volunteering in the AA community can help you connect with others and to give back. You can volunteer to help with meetings, events, or other AA activities.

Reach out to other members: Don’t be afraid to reach out to other members of the AA community for support. You can call, text, or email them to share your experiences, ask for advice, or just chat.


This extensive network of AA meetings in Spain is not just about geographical coverage; it’s about creating a welcoming community for anyone seeking to overcome alcohol-related issues. The availability of specialised meetings for different groups ensures that AA in Spain is inclusive and sensitive to the varied needs of its members, providing a safe space for all to share experiences and support each other in the healing process toward recovery. Whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time participant, the Spanish AA community offers numerous opportunities and a solid foundation for maintaining sobriety, making Spain stand out as a central hub for recovery and personal growth.